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FAQs for Food Appointment

إلى أين تذهب لموعدك

The Branch of Nashville

41 Tusculum Road

Antioch, TN 37013

• If you need help, click here to email us for assistance.

• Bring your ID to your appointment - TN Driver’s License OR a photo ID and a utility bill.

ساعات العملية

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday - 10:00am - 2:00pm

ساعات العملية

• I had an appointment, but I missed it. What do I do? 

    You must make a new appointment. We will cancel the appointment you missed so that you can make another

    appointment in the same month since you were not able to make your previous appointment. 


• I need an appointment but there aren’t any available. What do I do?

    Food appointments are open 21 days in advance. New appointments open most mornings at 10:00am. Please check

    the appointment calendar in the morning to see the new appointments. Additionally, we may

    have cancellations that open appointments much sooner. These cancellations typically occur in the afternoons.


• I have an appointment coming up, but I cannot come at my appointment time or day. Can I come on an

  earlier day or change my appointment? 

    If you know in advance that you cannot come for your scheduled appointment, please reply to the appointment             confirmation email and let us know that you would like to change your appointment. We will do our best to

    accommodate your request.  


• I do not have an appointment and I need food now. Can I still come?

    You must have an appointment to get a full cart of food. However, if you need emergency food support, you may

    come get an Emergency Box that contains enough food for 2-3 days without an appointment


• I am under 60 years old. Can I come on Wednesday (Senior Day) and pick up food without an appointment?

    No, only older adults who are over 60 years old may come without at appointment on Wednesdays. We make

    this exception for our older adult neighbors who may not have access to the internet or who may not be able to

    navigate the scheduling process.


• Who can I contact if I have a specific question about my appointment time, day, or changing my appointment? 

    Please reply to your appointment confirmation email and the Pantry Director will get back to you. If you did not receive

    a confirmation email or have additional questions, please email


• I have already received food this month with an appointment. Can I make another appointment this month?

    No. You may come only one time per month. If you make more than one appointment in the same month, you will not

    receive a cart of food. 


• Can both myself and someone else in my household make an appointment to receive food in the same month?

    No. You may only receive food one time per month per household. Other members of your household will not be able

    to receive food if your household has already received food for the month. 


• Can I pick up food for someone else if they have an appointment? 

     Yes, if you have a photo of their ID or their appointment confirmation email, you may pick up food for someone else if

    they are not a part of your household and they have an appointment. 


• Why does The Branch need my information for me to receive food? 

     We are  required to record household information by the USDA. Legal status is not necessary to receive food, nor is it reported to any government agency. We also use the information collected to learn how to better serve our neighbors.

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